Advanced technical support

Tipos de incidencias y plazos máximos de resolución

Bidoop stablishes a clasification of incidents which determines the response time in wich they must be solved and the characteristics of the technical staff responsible for dealing with them.

Download the following document to learn the terms and conditions of the support and maintenance service associated to our Big Data solution.


Types of incidences

Critic incidence: incidence that prevents from the registration of Logs.

High incidence: incidence that prevents from event management of Logs and alerting (for example, Nagios).

Medium incidence: incidence that prevents user access to the control panel of the management/visualization system, or prevents from the interaction with the system itself.

Low incidence: any other incidence that doesn´t involve a direct stop in the production process of the solution.



Support levels


Level 1: Initial support level, responsible for advicing the client in the solution of basic problems with Bidoop Layer system.

Level 2: medium support level. The technical team in this level is responsible for helping the first level support team to solve basic technical problems, and investigate more complex problems, determining the available solutions.

Level 3: more advanced support level, responsible for solving the most complex technical incidences. The team of this support level is integrated by profesionals experts in Big Data field and responsible for advicing support teams from levels one and two, researching and developing solutions for new incidences or for more advanced ones.