Bidoop Layer

Bidoop scheme graphical representation

Bidoop Layer is a Big Data components layer for Hadoop used to analyze several information sources and accelerate the development of new analytical models, or the creation of operational processes, giving value to large volumes of data, even in real time.


Quick, efficient and affordable

Bidoop Layer integrates analytical and visualization tools which can help you get the maximum from Hadoop technology, delivering a quality solution: distributed, scalable, efficient, robust and low cost, able to overcome all the limitations associated to the management of large volumes of data.


Compatibility with other platforms

Bidoop Layer is completely compatible with any Big Data platform based on the Hadoop ecosystem, extending the analytical capacity of these platforms.


Compatible platforms

 Cloudera    IBM    Oracle    EMC  

 HP Vertica     Amazon    Windows Azure

 Hortonworks  Teradata  MAPR


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