Administration course for Hadoop with Cloudera certification

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Our Administrator course for Apache Hadoop will allow you to gain a global knowledge about the necessary steps to operate and maintain a Hadoop cluster. 


What you will learn

Attending to theoretical sessions and practical exercises led by a certified trainer, you will be able to navigate the Hadoop ecosystem and get to know: 

  • How does the distributed file system Hadoop and Map/Reduce work?
  • Which is the optimal configuration for a Hadoop cluster?
  • Which network considerations must be taken into account to build a cluster?
  • How to set Hadoop options to obtain the best performance of a cluster.
  • How to set FairScheduler to provide service to multiple users of a cluster.
  • How to maintain and monitor a cluster.
  • How to load data in a cluster from files generated dinamically with Flume and from a relational database using Sqoop.
  • Hadoop Administration when other tools such as Hive, Pig and HBase appear.
  • Practices about Hadoop clusters are included in the course.

Previous requirements

This training is oriented to system administrators and the people responsible for the cluster Apache Hadoop management at production or development environments with basic experience in Linux systems. It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge in Hadoop.


4 days.


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