Hadoop Essentials Course

Learn why Hadoop exists, when it is appropiate to use it and which resources are necessary to successfully exploit its benefits. This introductory course, in one day, has the purpose of familiarizing CTOs, engineering managers, system architects and other technical profiles with the main components of the Hadoop ecosystem, HDFS and MapReduce.


What you will learn

When it is appropriate to use Hadoop.

  • What is Hadoop being used for?
  • How Hadoop fit into the existing ecosystem.
  • What is necessary to know in order to chose Hadoop?
  • Which resources are necessary to deploy Hadoop?
  • During the course the students will take practical exercises to improve the comprehension of the agenda content.

Previous requirements

This course is designed for architects, technical managers, project managers, etc. It is not necessary to have any previous knowledges about Apache Hadoop.


1 day.


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