Pricing Bidoop Layer, support and maintenance

Bidoop Layer license

Our software allows different ways of license for you to chose the one which best suits your needs, our philosophy is easy. The subscription for the first year is mandatory and it includes Bidoop layer's license and its maintenance. The following years, you will be able to chose if you want to continue receiving our support and maintenance. In case you don´t want to, you can continue using our software.


Annual maintenance of Bidoop Layer


Our software maintenance includes:


- Technical assistance in the chosen mode (see the last table).

- Access to new releases and product improvements.

US$ 2,100 Usefull* TB

* Up to 50TB, from there the price is fixed at 100K.

Annual maintenance of Hadoop infrastructure


It includes:


- Technical assistance in modalities 24 x 7 or 8 x 5.

Per Node Price Forfait
8 x 5 US$ 3,500 / Node **
24 x 7 US$ 5,500 / Node **

* The acquisition of Bidoop Layer maintenance programs and Hadoop infrastructure implies a 15% discount on brochure prices.
** Minimum 10 nodes.

The prices shown don't include VAT. The percentage will be calculated based on the time of billing.