The PEOPLE-centric company for the DATA-centric company

We provide knowledge and experience to our clients so that they can achieve tangible objectives through Big Data and Analytics.

What we do

We combine our specialist knowledge of Big Data and Analytics to provide companies with an excellent service


End-to-end Big Data project solutions: IT (Architecture, Operations), Development (Technology and Languages), Analytics (Data Modeling, Analytical Models, IA).


Big-Data specific for clients with their own initiatives: Admins, Architects, Developers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Architects.


Producing Big Data solutions for different streams: Cybersecurity, Marketing, Social Marketing, Text Mining, Machine Learning, etc.

Technical training for companies

Bespoke technical training for different profiles and different official distributions (Cloudera, MapR, HortonWorks...).

We have multiple use cases for the most important streams
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Clients who trust us

We add value and support their strategies

How we add value to our clients
At Pragsis Bidoop we understand that a well-executed project must provide value at all times.
Our greatest asset is our unique experience in Big Data and Analytics, our knowledge of markets and customers, and our agnostic and independent approach.

Innovate to always achieve the best possible objectives


Get new projects and apply our end-to-end knowledge


Integrate the lessons learned and increase our expertise


Plan in an agile and adaptive way, to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities

At Pragsis Bidoop we have multiple possibilities to add value to your business