Pragsis Bidoop participates in a European anti-terrorist project

Pragsis Bidoop is involved in the DANTE project (Detecting and ANalysing TErrorist-related online contents and financing activities) which aims to detect terrorist activities in the digital environment.

Pragsis Bidoop will apply its expertise in Big Data and analytics for monitoring information against potential terrorist risks in three areas: advertising (recruitment, incitement, radicalization, disinformation), training and finance.

The area of digital security analytics is one of the biggest challenges at present where natural language processing techniques, real-time alerts management and advanced analytics — which are among the strengths of Pragsis Bidoop — are used.

Currently Pragsis Bidoop, specialized in Big Data since 2010, has over 100 professionals and is a reference in the field of big data analytics in Europe.

Pragsis Bidoop cooperates with other companies in the EU area, as well as with institutions like Spanish Ministerio del Interior, British Home Office, Italian Ministry of Defense and Portuguese Ministry of Justice.

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