New office in the United Kingdom

We are proud to announce the opening of our new office in the United Kingdom. This opening will be followed with a new office in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Pragsis is a company specialized in Big Data; a technology that makes possible to analyse and extract knowledge from large volumes of data. Since Pragsis was founded in 2004, it has become the preferred provider of Big Data solutions in Spain for large companies and public organizations.

Once a management team has understood the possibilities offered by Big Data Technology, our staff helps you to define all the requirements and strategies to progress in this area: the operating model definition, the definition of rules and methodology for the whole company to be able to face Big Data projects, training timetable, the development of a new governance and the use of a case definition and the impact.

Our company in the United Kingdom has just opened an office in Moorgate, City of London, led by Mr Jaume Mora Pedros as the CEO in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Currently, Pragsis is located in Spain, Mexico and Brazil and has projects in production phase in Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Pragsis also works to train and help companies strategically; implementing new business models, productivization of AI use cases, and technologically, through Big Data projects.

Pragsis leadership is supported by its solid experience and success in the implementation of projects, always founded in people-focus development, knowledge and high-quality standards, which are the core pillars of the company.

This exciting expansion sees the recruitment of a further motivated talent and ongoing recruitment of skilled personnel for a highly experienced team.

Stay tuned!