Intelligence Analysis: DANTE project

Pragsis Bidoop has been involved in the DANTE project for over 2 years. DANTE [1] is a project aimed at the analysis of different sources of information to prevent potential terrorist risks in three areas: advertising (recruitment, incitement, radicalization, disinformation), training and fundraising. The project has involved 18 partners from 10 EU countries.

DANTE, as a system, is composed of multiple capabilities such as: data mining, analysis of multimedia sources (audio, image, video, text) from surface and deep webs, and the gathering of such data sources for law enforcement bodies.

There is a clear need for a product like the DANTE framework:

  • The impact of terrorism was $160.9 B in 2017 according to the Institute for Economics and Peace. And the spending in counter-terrorism and security measures has proven to be positive [2].
  • According to the EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2018, “online propaganda and networking via social media are still essential to terrorist attempts to reach out to EU audiences for recruitment, radicalisation and fundraising” [3].

DANTE complies resourcefully with the requirements demanded by entities and organizations in the fight against counter-terrorism. As well, the results of the project are aligned with the needs and methodologies of entities dedicated to these purposes.

Even DANTE is also directly adapted to the typical analytical methodology used by law enforcement agencies, known as intelligence process or intelligence cycle (see [4]).

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