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Pedro Agudo


Pedro Agudo is the Founder & CEO of PRAGSIS BIDOOP. He founded the company in 2004 with the goal of forming a high-skilled team to offer high value added services and business solutions, based on disruptive technologies.

He combined his studies at the School of Computing of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid with the beginnings of his professional career in 1993, being a pioneer in Spain in offering solutions to monetize www technologies.

In 2010, Pedro decided to specialice Pragsis Bidoop exclusively in the Big Data and Analytics field to provide consultancy services, solutions and products. Currently, Pragsis Bidoop has more than 100 high skilled consultants and works with more than 40 large international customers. Moreover, Pragsis Bidoop, taking advantage of its privileged experience, has developed several disrupting products.

Under Pedro’s direction, Pragsis Bidoop has become the leader enterprise in Big Data & Analytics solutions category in the Spanish market and its international reputation and presence is growing quickly.